Friday May 05, 2017
BIRMINGHAM boss Graham Drury has warned his side not to underestimate Stoke when they head to Loomer Road on Saturday (7pm).

The Surestop Brummies are targeting a third straight win in the Travel Plus National League while the Potters lost their opener at home to Belle Vue.

However, Stoke were boosted by a 54-35 victory away at Buxton in the Knockout Cup last time out and Drury is expecting a close contest.

“I don’t think Stoke are as weak as some people have been making out,” Drury said.

“In fact, I think Dave Tattum and Malcolm Vasey have put together a very competitive team – particularly at the top end.

“Obviously we’ll now have to run rider replacement for Danyon Hume as Liam Carr can’t make his debut until Wednesday so it’s down to the other six lads to come up with the points.

“We have got a good record against Stoke since we joined the National League but this is a new season now though and we’ll have to be on it on Saturday.

“We have good support wherever we go, but Stoke away is usually one of our largest travelling contingents of the season and I’m sure our fans will create an electric atmosphere for the lads.”

Kyle Roberts will make his debut for the Brummies at Loomer Road while all members of the side will be eligible to take the rider replacement rides for injury victim Danyon Hume.

Stoke are lead by Mitchell Davey at No.1 – the man who got the Brummies play-off winning home leg over Eastbourne off to the perfect start in 2016.

STOKE: Mitchell Davey, Shaun Tedham, Ryan Terry-Daley, Tony Atkin, Luke Priest, David Speight, David Wallinger.

BIRMINGHAM: Tom Bacon, Kyle Roberts, Darryl Ritchings, Danyon Hume R/R, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn, Macauley Leek, Layne Cupitt.

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