Thursday February 16, 2017
BIRMINGHAM have named Darryl Ritchings as club captain for the 2017 season.

The 22-year-old takes over from former team-mate Tom Perry who re-joined parent club Cradley over the winter.

Surestop Brummies boss Graham Drury is delighted to offer Ritchings the captaincy and believes the Wiltshire racer has plenty to bring to the role.

Said Drury: “When Tom Perry went back to Cradley, not only did we lose a good speedway rider, we lost a good team captain as well.

“After completing the team for the year ahead, I sat down and thought carefully about the captain’s position.

“I looked at everyone in the team and opted for Darryl for a couple of reasons.

“Firstly, he’s our one heat-leader who is solely focused on his team place at Birmingham, for the start of the season at least, and that means he’ll be able to carry that continuity even when some of our other riders have to fulfil their doubling-up commitments.

“However, most importantly I went for Darryl because of how long he’s been in the game. He may only be 22, but he’s got a hell of a lot of experience behind him and that will stand him and the team in good stead.

“The captain’s role isn’t just about shouting ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ before a meeting, there’s so much more to it behind the scenes.

“The one thing I never get involved in is how the riders want the track prepared. All seven riders in the team will want it set-up differently, but one of the biggest roles a captain has to be play, is to talk to the team, find a happy medium and then communicate with the track staff as to how he wants it set-up.

“Darryl is a sort of liaison between all parties if you like and I can’t emphasise how much of an important role it is.

“I think he’ll be a great team captain and with the team that we’ve got, I think we’re in for another exciting season at Perry Barr.”

The Brummies also unveiled their race-jacket for the forthcoming season on Thursday.

Said Drury: “It’s very similar to the design of the last two years with the Birmingham red ‘B’ very prominent on the front, but the noticeable addition is the two gold stars on either side.

“These obviously represent the two league titles we’ve won in the last two years and will be a good reminder of what it means to win a Championship as we go in search of a third straight league success!”

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