Thursday July 05, 2012
BIRMINGHAM pulled off an astonishing fightback to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in a thrilling local derby at Perry Barr.

The Selco Brummies looked down and out as they trailed 22-32 after nine races, and they had even missed the opportunity of a tactical ride 8-1.

But Phil Morris’s side dug deep and left local rivals Coventry barely believing what had hit them in a remarkable burst of scoring, with four 5-1s in the last six races.

Former Brummie Adam Roynon was a big threat for the visitors, and he shared in two maximum heat advantages to put the visitors ten points ahead, before Ben Barker crashed in Heat 9 when racing for double.

But the Brummies still fashioned a comeback, starting when Bjarne Pedersen and Martin Smolinski swept either side of Kenni Larsen on turn two in Heat 10 – and despite a Bees 4-2 in the next race, Josh Auty and skipper Danny King trimmed the gap to four with maximum points in Heat 12.

The home fans began to believe the comeback was possible when Pedersen superbly re-passed the previously unbeaten Chris Harris to team up with Sebastian Ulamek for a Heat 13 5-1 which brought the scores level.

There was still a tricky Heat 14 to negotiate, and the Bees looked set for a 5-1 in reply until Auty surged around Larsen on the final bend to split the visiting riders and leave an opening for the deciding race.

And Pedersen and Ulamek were good enough to take that opening, storming from the start and racing clear of Nicholls and Harris to secure an almost unbelievable win for the Brummies.

Morris said: “We were off the pace at the start and then we pulled through at the end. If we could do what we did today and what we did at Wolves in one meeting, we’ll give someone a good thrashing.

“But what a night – a fantastic finish, and the two boys at No.1 and No.5 came good. I don’t think anyone would have expected that after the first eight heats.

“Heats 13 and 15 have been our Achilees’ heel until tonight, but when those riders are firing it makes all the difference.”

SELCO BRUMMIES 46: Sebastian Ulamek 13, Bjarne Pedersen 10+3, Josh Auty 9+2, Danny King 7, Martin Smolinski 4+1, Ben Barker 2, Tomasz Piszcz 1.

COVENTRY 44: Adam Roynon 12+3, Chris Harris 10, Kenni Larsen 10, Scott Nicholls 9, Edward Kennett 2+1, Henning Bager 1, Aaron Summers r/r.

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