Martin Schmitt


Weightlifting in Germany has not really made the kind of impact that the sport has made in other European countries, but even so, several more than useful German lifters have made their mark in the powerlifting world over the years, and Martin Schmitt, born on December 6th 1984 in the town of Graefelfing near Munich, first came into prominence whilst lifting in the 2003 World Under 21’s Championships in which he showed a clean pair of weightlifting shoes to a number of much better-known performers.

Martin’s strength drew enquiries from a number of people but he did not visit England until attending a competition in the UK. After this visit, he loved the country so much that he decided to move to the Birmingham area. He is one of the more experienced lifters in the group and has attended a number of high-profile competitions.

With an impressive r ofecord in European competing too, Schmitt spent three consecutive years as champion in Munich powerlifting competitions. After successful competitions in the Brummies group, he gained a Championship medal and his outgoing personality made him a big favourite with the crowd. It seemed that he would be lost to British powerlifting when he was made a big offer to return to Germany to lift for a team. Thankfully he turned this offer down and we can all benefits from his experience and expertise.