Josh Auty


Joshua James Auty was born on September 21th 1988 in London, moved to the Birmingham area around 8 years ago.

Josh’s weightlifting path in life was mapped out clearly from his earliest years when supported and encouraged by both his father and his grandfather, being ex bodybuilders and fitness instructors. He began lifting from the age of 18 making an instantaneous impact which within three years saw him win a number of bodybuilding competitions.

Moving into powerlifting, Josh became a British Under 21 Champion in 2004, and repeated this success the following year to give a clear indication that he was a young man with a very bright weightlifting future ahead of him with a highly productive trip to Australia during 2008 which he was an impressive winner of the Queensland Powerlifting Championship, enhancing his growing reputation as a very accomplished young lifter.

Of course, it was always expected that he would eventually attend the Olympics, the natural route for someone of his level of strength and dedication, but following successful spells at a National level, he opted to return to the simpler amateur lifting life.

He is now based in central Birmingham and regularly attends group events, Josh produced a string of highly impressive performances these being very much admired and appreciated by the team. He has quickly establishing himself as a firm favourite of the team with his fine lifting and the knowledge that he has to offer.

If he does have a fault, it is his endurance (which suits him perfectly for powerlifting), but he even says that himself. Seeing Josh lift competitively is a sight to behold. He is a truly powerful lifter and we will certainly see him lift more and more every year.

Josh looks forward to an even more successful future with the Brummies and to closing in on his goal of lifting for Great Britain again soon.