Jason Davis


Jason Davis comes from the Australian town of Newcastle in New South Wales where he was born on October 17th 1987.

His initial lifting experience came in his home state and enjoying considerable success in the various Australian competitions, he followed the example of many of his compatriots and embarked for England where in 2005 he joined an Isle of Wight club then competing in a number of competitions, and following two successful seasons with the Islanders and achieving an almost total mastery of the squat, he decided to make the move to the south of England.

Whilst with the South Coast club, Jason continued to make steady progress but the competition was tough and after failing a secure a 1st place win, he decided to train harder and move to the West Midlands.

During 2009 his ambitions were shattered by a serious shoulder injury which compelled him to sit out for a while, and although back in action the following year, the shoulder injury continued to trouble him greatly and it was not until after a complicated operation had finally cured the problem that he was able to become fully competitive again.

Jason played a major role in the competitions over the last few years although a neck injury last year prevented him from taking part in competitions towards the end of the year. He looks forward to taking training hard and taking part in competitions again this year.