Welcome to the Birmingham Brummies weightlifting group site.

We are in no way affiliated with Birmingham Brummies Speedway Team. Visit their website here.

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The Birmingham Brummies weightlifting group started in 2015 and has grown in popularity due to our fun and interesting training methods. We plan regular fun meetups and have also had some competition successes. The only thing we ask is that (if you intend to lift heavy) you have a good solid pair of lifting shoes or footwear suitable for powerlifting.

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The weightlifting group consists of men and women of all ages… from 18 to 65. Our members also come from all backgrounds, from complete beginners to experienced competitive lifters.

We regularly arrange meetings at powerlifting gyms in Birmingham and currently train in 4 styles:

  • Weightlifting Competition Training
  • Weightlifting Development
  • Powerlifting Competition Training
  • Powerlifting Development
  • General Fitness (includes cardio work)

Weightlifting Shoes – Are they required?

A question that gets asked a lot here is are weightlifting shoes worth it? The answer is yes and no. We are so clear, right? We say that you definitely need suitable shoes. Don’t turn up in sandals or crocs. Those that are newer to lifting or are doing light training generally don’t wear weightlifting shoes. But many of our more professional lifters do wear them. It’s all down to personal choice really. There are tons of weightlifting shoe benefits according to research. So we say if you are trying to break the club record for lifts and you can afford them, then absolutely go for them!

Another question that we sometimes get asked if whether these shoes are worth the cost and how long do weightlifting shoes last. Well, we recommend that members don’t stretch themselves financially over a set of powerlifting shoes. You can get a set of Converse Chuck Taylors which are perfectly suitable for lifting for a fraction of the cost of some weightlifting shoes.